You May Not Need A New Garage Door!

There are times when your garage door will just stop working for one reason or another and you will be faced with the decision to repair or replace. There are times when a simple repair can save you money and other times when the best decision is probably to replace. Read on to learn more...

Repair Your Garage Door If...

It just stopped working - the more suddenly it stopped working the easier it probably is to repair. In this case one of the pieces of hardware failed. A garage door technician will be able to identify the problem and repair it quickly. Because all the hardware is typically the same age, all the hardware should be inspected at this time as well.

The door feels 'heavy' - This is a common issue that happens to garage doors over time and can certainly be repaired. In fact, you won't believe it when its done... it will feel brand new as the door is brought back into perfect balance.

It's Unsafe - This is tricky... and because safety is so important; we can't say without looking at the door. This is why we conduct a 25-point safety inspection. Often we can repair an unsafe door, other times it is the garage door opener that needs to be replaced. The most important thing is to avoid any accidents and get the door inspected as soon as possible.

A Panel is damaged - If your door was scratched and now it's starting to rust you are probably so sick of looking at it you would pay anything to have it look like new. Same thing goes with a dent. Depending on the age and condition of the other panels, we may be able to replace the dented, scratched or rusted panel at a fraction of the price compared replacing the whole door.

Replace Your Garage Door

The most common reason to replace your garage door is...

Cosmetic - if your door has multiple panels that are rusted, scratched etc. and the door is many years old; or you have an aged wooden door that is warped, cracked or worn out, it's probably worth spending the additional money to go ahead and replace it.

Somewhat surprisingly, cosmetics are usually the only reason you need to replace the garage door itself.

Take the first step...
The first step is to have the door inspected. We'll do a 25-point inspection for safety and a proper diagnosis. You'll find in most cases the door can be repaired; and when it is... it will feel exactly like a brand new door. Call us now and get your garage door problems quickly behind you.

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